Practice guidlines and objektives

Our group practice offers comprehensive patient-oriented pediatric services for both children as well as adolescents and their families. We are a team of doctors, qualified medical assistants, nurses, trainees and students strongly committed to assuring that your child receives the best quality medical attention supported by a high level of personalized attention, friendly premises and sophisticated medical equipment. Each member of the team regularly updates his or her knowledge in advanced training units to make sure you profit from a team practicing a state-of-the-art medical standard. We work with quality management (QM) and have been certified for the "Medical Treatment and Prevention for Children and Adolescents" in June 2009.

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We believe in the importance of devoting to our pediatric and juvenile patients all aspects of modern, holistic medical attention, while giving their families the appropriate support, especially when it comes to coping with the dynamics of psychosocial issues and problems. Our hands-on experience has shown that such care must always include a thorough and in-depth physical and psychological examination as well as the right amount of detailed counseling and information. We dedicate a lot of time to checkups, screenings and vaccinations but also make time for talking, an essential element to help preventing many of the physical, psychic and chronic illnesses or treat them early on.

Our group practice is open on all working days throughout the year. As many as four specialized consulting and assistant physicians make sure any child or adolescent suffering from acute illness is given all the necessary medical treatment so as to prevent a stay in hospital

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