Philipp Schoof

1993 General university entrance qualification at the Humanistic Secondary School Baden-Baden
1993-94 Voluntary year of social service at the Children's Hospital of the University Freiburg
1994-2001 Medical training at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
2001-05 Hospital for Pediatrics and Rheumatic Diseases, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
2006 German Center for Pediatric and Juvenile Rheumatology, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
2006-2007 Clinic for Pediatrics and Neonatology II Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Since 2007 Practice Dr. Simon
Since 9/2008 Specialist physician for pediatrics and juvenile medicine, trainer for asthmatic diseases
From 8/2009-12/2013 Resident physician for pediatrics and juvenile medicine, group practice with Dr. med. Bernd Simon
Since 9/2009 Specialized in children's rheumatology
Since 2013 Delegate of the Medical District Association, Panel for Early Help;
Assistant Chairman of the BVKJ Munich (Professional Association of Physicians for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine)
Since 1/2014 Group practice with Dr. Arnd Müller


Dr. Arnd Müller

1992 General university entrance qualification at the Johann Christian Reinhart Secondary School Hof
1992-93 Civilian service at the District and City Hospital Selb;
In-service training as a licensed practical nurse
1993-2000 Medical training at the Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen
2000-2005 Pedriatic Clinic of the Bayreuth Hospital
2005-2013 Clinic for Neuropediatrics and Neurological Rehabilitation,
Epilepsy Center for children and adolescents, Vogtareuth
2005-2010: assistant doctor
2010-2011: acting senior practitioner
2012-2013: senior physician
Since 04/2013 Group practice Dr. Simon and P. Schoof
Since 2004 Specialist certificate for emergency medicine
Since 2005 Specialist physician for pediatrics and juvenile medicine;
Certification as trainer for neurodermitic diseases
Since 2009 EEG Certificate of the German Society for Clinical Neurophysiology
Since 2010 Approval to use the medical designation "Specialist for Neuropediatrics"
Since 2012 Qualification to offer services as specialized counselors for human genetics
Since 1/2014 Group practice with Philipp Schoof


Dr. Heinz Reiniger

1965 General university entrance qualification  at the Hans Leimberger Secondary School, Landshut
1965-72 Medical training at the LM University Munich
1972-75 Surgical ward of the City Hospital of Oberföhring
1975-80 Pediatric Clinic Harlaching, Munich
1980-2005 Resident doctor for pediatrics and adolescent medicine in Kirchheim
2006-2013 Practice Dr. Simon
Since 1/2014 fWork as freelance doctor in the practice Schoof/Dr. Arnd Müller


Nadine Labermeier

1996 General university entrance qualification at the Gelnhausen Secondary School
1997-2000 Professional training as pediatric nurse
at the Clinic of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
2000-2007 Medical training at the LM University/ Technical University Munich
2008-2011 Pediatric Hospital of the Clinics St. Elisabeth in Neuburg/Danube
2011-2012 Parental leave
09/2012-12/2013 Group practice Dr. Simon/ Schoof
2014-2015 Parental leave
seit 1/2014 Group practice Schoof/Dr. Arnd Müller





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